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Curly haired, animal loving life enthusiast with an eye for good design.

Where I'm at

Heart-led design

I started illustrating because it’s a way to transcend the written word and then I started writing to deepen the narrative. Design came first because I’m a visual person and after kicking self-doubt to the curb I started to allow the writing to flow with ease into a well-balanced passion.

I channel the skills I’ve developed over my 10 years of designing into purposeful children’s books,  authentic designs and creative projects that fill my cup.

Then after years of working out of alignment with my neurodiversity and authentic self, I found myself drawn to heart-led design. A practice of thoughtful and intentional design led with intuition and trust.

Where I've been

It started with a coffee (and I don't drink coffee)

From my first ever coffee-themed website build to running my own IT and design company. Here’s the *super* condensed breakdown of my design career so far!


Started Ballarat Web Design to procastinate on my undergrad studies.


Merged both business and life, joining my design business with my husbands IT consulting. Creating Tech Studio.


Published my first children's book Winter in Ballarat. Went on to write and illustrate 5 more!


Focused on heart-led design, books and creative work that fills my cup.

Some quick fun facts

Despite my uncanny ability to misstep on any linear surface, I’ve never broken a bone! Touch wood, which I do when I bump into most door frames.

I’m into all things witchy and woo. It’s an ancestral connection that’s deepened my relationship with my self and life.

I’m technically a scientist and while I didn’t put my bachelor’s to much use I have a passion for all things science and nature. I’d love to write and illustrate these topics in the future!

I’m ambidextrous, which means I can use both hands to write, I haven’t tested my illustrating abilities with this but I’m sure I could draw a semi-decent circle with my left hand. 

I *could* have been Miss Australia. I entered in my early 20s and the next round of the competition went to my spam folder. I only found out years after the fact, so check your spam folders people!

I come from a long line of farmers, predominately wool, and grew up in Heathcote, a small country town in the heartland of Victoria. Side fact, our families wool went into Prince William’s wedding suit and we have a certificate of thanks.

Coriander tastes like soap to me. I found out when I thought I had spilled dish soap in my dip, turns out it’s just a very polarising herb (and apparently a genetic trait)! 

I’m technically 1 degree of Kevin Bacon so by knowing me it makes you 2 degrees. My second cousin directed a movie with him so it really is who you know!

I purchased my wedding dress 3 days before my wedding. It’s a long story but I was overly ambitious and attempted to make my own. That clearly did pan out and I got my dream dress off the rack and it was the first one I tried on in store.

I was 5 when I first sheared a sheep, with the help of my dad of course and for like a second but it technically counts. These days I just admire and count them from a far but my shearing date is immortalised on our family’s shed wall. 





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