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Australian children’s book author, illustrator and visual storyteller. I weave magic, creativity and fun into all I do.

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Healing Through Stories: Donating ‘Sage and the Journey of Grief’ to Street Libraries

In honour of National Grief Week, 19th – 26th May, I set about donating copies of my Sage and the Journey of Grief children’s books across New South Wales and Victoria. It was more happenstance that a road trip for a dear friend’s wedding had fallen in the same week, allowing me to take copies on my car ride. So I jumped at the chance to give back in honour of my departed loved ones.

I started locally, setting about on my much-loved e-bike around Wollongong. In most circumstances I think I’d fly right by the street libraries, they’re often tucked away waiting for curious minds and book lovers alike to find them. They’re usually adorable wooden and glass-cased units, brimming with stories that will delight and intrigue young and old minds. Of course, I love them! Libraries and the sharing of knowledge through the written word is one of the most valuable forms of learning. Add in cute little cabinets and book shelves and I am completely won over.

I knew of one close by libraries that I had passed on my way through my local shopping mall, the rest I found documented by the invaluable website Street Library Australia. My road trip included a special stop at Heathcote, Vic, my hometown where I grew up after my mum passed away and where she is also buried. I was pleasantly surprised to find one little library in the area of my small town of 3,000. 

I left each book in the hopes that whoever was meant to find it would. My greatest wish for anyone, not just little ones, going through grief know that they’re not alone. I think with a little care and conversation we can ensure that they know they have a community of people that are understanding and willing to support them. 

That intention has been my driving force and was my woven into every word and chapter of my book and illustrations. 

These books are donated in honour of my mum, Lynette, gran Julie, and my ancestors who came before me. All of whom I know are guiding me every step and stop along the way. 

Where you and find Sage and the Journey of Grief Books at your local Street Libraries

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