Oh hey! Nice to see you here.

I think understanding who you’re investing in is important. The way I work and who I am is going to be different from others, that’s the beauty of life. My goals and passions are to create meaningful, thoughtful and timeless designs, illustrations and stories for the world. Clients who work with me value my enthusiasm, creative ideas, unique perspective and years of industry experience.

I’ve dived into most projects with a can-do attitude and if there’s a dream I can usually make it a reality. Like publishing my first children’s book, starting my own IT and design company and making my own augmented reality app! I have the creative audacity to just go with it and hopefully, that’s why you’re here.

Values drive my actions

One of the wonderful parts of my work is the clients I meet along the way. Often they become like friends and we continue to work for many years together.

I attribute this to always aligning my values to the work I take on. I’ve outlined what I put into practice throughout my work.

What's is like?

Working with me

As a neurodiverse creative working with me will most likely look different. I’m not like everyone else and that’s okay. I love who I am, my mind can bring to life fun, unique and beloved designs. However, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine. I can achieve some amazing results but to do that I need the right environment to thrive. By working together here are some things you might expect:


I process information and conversations differently, often I need a bit more time to take everything in.

I might interrupt you, I will try not to but it may happen. The enthusiasm for creative work usually takes hold and the ideas start flowing, my mind just wants to get it all out.

I prefer a slowed approach to emails, so if you like jotting down your ideas in a free-flowing form, I recommend putting them into our Trello board for me to read when you have everything together. I also love dot points so the more the merrier.

I enjoy calls, I know that isn’t everyone’s jam but I’m happy to chat through designs via the phone or Zoom rather than an email. This helps me process where everything is at auditorily.

If our communication styles are aligning I will let you know and we can figure out a way to move forward.

Time management

I have systems and supports in place for me to manage my time in the most effective way possible while still achieving my project goals.

This means my work schedule looks very different to others. I don’t have set hours or days of work. I’m flexible, allowing for a more intentionally balanced life means I can deliver the best creative work to my clients.

I’m not a morning person so mid-morning or afternoon meetings work best for me.

I thrive off deliverables, which means I love having an end goal. Due dates are important to me as I can set out my project work to align with the expected timeframe.

Body language

I might not make eye contact, this is hard for me and don’t want to offend anyone if I don’t maintain eye contact. My mind can process information quicker when I’m looking away, which means I’m taking everything you say in.

I often fidget and find it hard to sit still. I also talk with my hands, watch out for those cups of water around me! I enjoy walking meetings for this reason, however, I know that isn’t doable for all situations. 

Working Together

Murrup Art

“Liv skilfully created the perfect branding and logo for Murrup Art, carefully detailing the perfect vision. Having never been through this process before, I had no idea how to even articulate what I was after, but through her detailed process Liv was able to perfectly attain my needs. Liv’s friendly manner, professionalism, and dedication to customer satisfaction have earned my trust and loyalty, and I’m incredibly thankful.”

What Jenna Had to Say





Creative Projects

My creative process

Joyful steps to achievable results


This stage is where we'll work together on outlining your project goals. Taking into consideration your vision, aspirations, branding, tone and timeframe. It's also a great time for a coffee and chat. 

Normally this stage will include the following:

  • Initial onboarding questions
  • Project outline
  • File and content collection


There are many emotions that colour and design can convey. This is why selecting the right palette from the beginning is important.

In this stage, I'll create a mood board and colour palette that will visually guide the design process. This is also an excellent checkpoint to ensure we're on the same page stylistically.

Design Outlines

In this stage, I'll sketch out each illustration. Now, these will be roughly drawn images and details will most likely be left out.

This is a great way for us to quickly visualise the movement, focal point and angle of the design. Revisions at this point are common.

Design Refinement

Once you've approved the design outlines I'll move into the refinement stage. This is where I'll create the full design work using the colour palette and style we've agreed on. 

In this proposal, I'll have included revision time to this stage. You'll be sent the designs for approval and feedback.


The final stage and one of the most exciting. Depending on the licensing agreement we've come to you'll receive your files on handover. Commonly they are print or digital-ready files for your convenience. 

At this stage, the project will be closed and your work will be made public (if that's how you're sharing it!).

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