Portrait of Liv Lorkin, a talented author, illustrator, and designer. She is captured smiling at the camera, showcasing shoulder-length short brown hair and a freckled face. The background features illustrations on the wall, providing a glimpse into her creative and artistic environment.

Australian children’s book author, illustrator and visual storyteller. I weave magic, creativity and fun into all I do.

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Pen to Digital: A welcome to 2024

A warm welcome to 2024. I’ve only tentatively dipped my preverbal toe into the New Year’s waters and I must say, I already love the almost naive freshness of writing an entirely different date down. Or, more honestly, staring at new numbers on my screen devices.

There’s something intangibly hopeful in the air and I am going to soak that up for as long as I need. It almost feels like the cynical, burnt out and cranky pants Liv of 2023 has dissipated into the ether of the last twelve months. Sure she has a great sense of dark humour but damn she was hard to shake off from the ever-present melancholy of life.

Perhaps she’ll return renewed over these coming new chapters. Or perhaps when and if she does I’ll find the grace to hear her out, nurture her into the rest she deserves and sit comfortably with her while she expresses what she needs.

That’s what I’m taking from and into this year.

I know for many of us this year might include days, months or even its entirety of challenges, grief, hardship and change. I hope we find moments of joy and an internal strength that continues our humanity towards a better, gentler world.

Even if that gentler world is your own.

With that, I wish you all a warm, wonderful and happy new year.

All my best,
Liv Lorkin

from the desk

There comes a time when you can no longer swing from the branches of a tree but you can admire its strength and beauty from where you stand.

A little musing from today’s thoughts about growing older, playfulness and our beautiful tree friends. 

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