Portrait of Liv Lorkin, a talented author, illustrator, and designer. She is captured smiling at the camera, showcasing shoulder-length short brown hair and a freckled face. The background features illustrations on the wall, providing a glimpse into her creative and artistic environment.

Australian children’s book author, illustrator and visual storyteller. I weave magic, creativity and fun into all I do.

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Three Thousand, Eight Hundred and One Trees (and each one has a name) Children's Book

Written by Naomi Irvin and illustrated by Liv Lorkin. This historical children's book brings to life the story of Ballarat's Arch of Victory and Avenue of Honour.

This book was an honour, both personally and professionally, to work on. Three Thousand, Eight Hundred and One Trees (and each one has a name) tells the story of the Lucas Girls.

A mighty force of community spirit was felt all around Ballarat as men and women went to fight in WW1. To commemorate their bravery and sacrifice the Lucas Girls, Ballarat’s own manufacturing company employing a large number of women in the region, rose into action. 

With thoughtful narrative from Naomi Irvin the story follows the planting of the Avenue of Honour and the construction of the Arch of Victory. 

Whilst working on this project I was fortunate to meet with the Lucas Girls, hear their stories and share our ideas on how Naomi and I would bring it to life for future generations. In following the path I discovered my husband’s grandmother was once a Lucas Girl herself. I was delighted with the connection and felt even more proud to be a part of this illustrative storytelling.

When you purchase a copy 100% of the first release sales go to the Avenue of Honour and Arch of Victory Committee.

You can read more about the project and find a copy here

Find out more about Naomi Irvin and her writing here.

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