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Australian children’s book author, illustrator and visual storyteller. I weave magic, creativity and fun into all I do.

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Side-by-side polaroid images featuring 'Spring in Ballarat' children's book stack and an illustration of a momma magpie feeding her chick in a tree, with Herbert and Miss Eccles looking up from below.

Spring in Ballarat Illustrations

Experience the vibrant changes of Spring with this beautiful children's book

“Spring in Ballarat” is a book that captures the essence of the season in this beautiful town. As a Ballarat-based artist, I have always been inspired by the vibrant colours and lively atmosphere that can be found here in the springtime.

The book follows The Wendouree Pals; Lynnie, Miss Eccles, and Herbert, as they embark on a thrilling adventure to solve a mystery in Ballarat. As they explore the town, they encounter the wonders of the season, from blooming flowers to dragonflies flitting by.

I am particularly proud of the illustrations in this book. Each page is bursting with colour and energy, capturing the liveliness and vibrancy of Ballarat in the spring. From the charming characters to the stunning landscapes, I wanted to create a visual journey that would delight young readers and transport them to the heart of the town.

“Spring in Ballarat” is not only a fun read for kids but also a beautiful keepsake book. I believe that the stunning illustrations and captivating storyline make it a perfect addition to any child’s library. As they grow up, they will be able to revisit the book and remember the joy and wonder of the season in Ballarat.

In creating this book, I wanted to share my love for Ballarat with young readers, and I hope that “Spring in Ballarat” will inspire them to embrace the beauty and magic of the natural world around them.

You can purchase your own copy here or visit one of my local stockists.

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Illustration of characters from 'Spring in Ballarat' book riding a tram with hands in the air, capturing the joy of springtime in Ballarat.
Colorful illustration from 'Spring in Ballarat' book showing a big boatshed in the centre. Lynnie waves in the distance, while Herbert and Miss Eccles sail towards the shore on a boat with a sail, both wearing cute pirate hats and waving joyfully.
Illustration from 'Spring in Ballarat' book featuring Lynnie and Herbert looking confused as someone has eaten the vegetables from the garden and left dirt over the footpath. Miss Eccles looks on quizzically. In the background, a big mound of flowers spells out 'Ballarat' in a colorful display.
Illustration from 'Spring in Ballarat' book featuring Miss Eccles and Lynnie looking at each other in confusion as they discover that someone has eaten the tomato plants, with the tomatoes scattered on the ground. Herbert looks on, equally confused.
Four open book spreads from 'Spring in Ballarat' children's book, showcasing colorful illustrations of Miss Eccles, Herbert, and Lynnie on their exciting springtime adventure.
Illustration from 'Spring in Ballarat' book depicting The Wendouree Pals celebrating at the Spring Fling. Herbert stands on a stone with his name on it, while the other characters cheer and have fun with streamers. A garden can be seen in the background, and a big sign reading 'Spring Fling' adds to the festive atmosphere.

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